Author Topic: Broken index - any workaround?  (Read 572 times)

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Broken index - any workaround?
« on: 31 October 2017, 00:02:56 »
Hey there. First, thanks for making this awesome program. I'm trying to help my girlfriend fix her silhouette library. Somehow half of her stuff was removed from the index. All of the raw files are there in the cloud52 folder. (com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8\cloud52) There are 1052 items in this folder, but the index file only has 431 lines. We're trying to figure out how to get everything back into the index. Thanks for any help. I've sent this off to Silhouette America to see if they have anything that can help.

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Re: Broken index - any workaround?
« Reply #1 on: 31 October 2017, 00:57:33 »
What does Silhouette Studio report as the total number of library entries?

Are you sure that there are library entries missing?

Are the library entries from the Silhouette store, or your own or both?

The 'raw' files and the index files may not match. Even if a library entry is deleted, the 'raw' file may be there.

Ian Wadsworth (MEng Software Engineering)