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Support / Re: WHATS THIS MEANS please!
« Last post by The Wizard on 01 February 2018, 15:20:45 »
You have tried to convert the same file, after you have just converted that file.

If you choose another file to convert, then the file that gave the warning message again, it will convert OK.

<File Location> <<Convert to SVG>> OK
<File Location> <<Convert to SVG>> The same file has been selected twice in succession...
<File Location> <<Convert to SVG>> OK
<File Location> <<Convert to SVG>> OK

Support / WHATS THIS MEANS please!
« Last post by chiqui on 01 February 2018, 14:09:30 »
please  i have this message  when i want to convert a Silhouette file to svg

""The same file has been selected twice in succession, or the page has been refreshed.""

Do you know what happen? how can i solve  PLEASEE! :-\
Cutter Controller can read SVG files, and export them as FCM

It still may not stop the problem of all the shapes in the drawing being grouped.

Brother have imposed an artificial limitation on the number of shapes a drawing (300 or 600 for the machine, and 1000 for Canvas) can have, so has decided not to have an un-grouped function for imported files.

With an SVG file, you could try un-grouping them and saving them, before importing into the ScanNCut.

Support / The Scan n cut machines interpretation of svg file objects as a group
« Last post by Richard on 29 January 2018, 10:52:47 »
Hi, I think there is a possible need for a svg to fcm converter too.

If you take an svg via usb into the ScanNCut machine it groups all the objects and refuses to recognise them as anything but one object.

The same file converted to fcm by importing into Canvas works without this issue.

With you understanding of what differs between fcm & svg do you think there is either a way of getting around this and staying with the svg format or is conversion always going to be required in the cases where object manipulation is desirable (I.e. positioning objects to best use an already partially used bit of cutting material or using the machines ability to sort objects to squeeze the most out of material)

Any input would be wonderful !!

Many thanks for such a useful converter.

Support / Re: starting FCM viewer by two times clicking the .fcm file
« Last post by The Wizard on 26 January 2018, 14:55:32 »
The FCM Thumbnail Viewer was never designed to open FCM files, but FCM files can be dragged and dropped onto the viewer.

Support / starting FCM viewer by two times clicking the .fcm file
« Last post by Koosvm on 26 January 2018, 14:12:11 »

today I downloaded the fcm viewer. It's a nice little program, but I'm missing the possibility to click two times on the .fcm filename for opening the viewer.

I tried to specify the viewer.exe fil as the default programm for the .fcm file type, but that didn't exist.
If specified the .fcm type in the registry. Now clicking two times on the file name is opening the progran but doesn't show thw thunbnail.

How can I get the thumbnail showed in this manner.

Support / Re: Scaling problem with online FCM to SVG conversion
« Last post by The Wizard on 06 January 2018, 19:06:50 »
With the latest version of Inkscape it may be possible to save an SVG in pixels to be saved in points.

I've tried it with Inkscape version 0.48, and it will just save the SVG in pixels.

Support / Re: Scaling problem with online FCM to SVG conversion
« Last post by Loudner on 06 January 2018, 18:31:01 »
Hi Ian, is it possible to load the old Pixels files and save them in Pontis?
What does Silhouette Studio report as the total number of library entries?

Are you sure that there are library entries missing?

Are the library entries from the Silhouette store, or your own or both?

The 'raw' files and the index files may not match. Even if a library entry is deleted, the 'raw' file may be there.

Silhouette Studio Library File Extractor V1.x / Broken index - any workaround?
« Last post by allan on 31 October 2017, 00:02:56 »
Hey there. First, thanks for making this awesome program. I'm trying to help my girlfriend fix her silhouette library. Somehow half of her stuff was removed from the index. All of the raw files are there in the cloud52 folder. (com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8\cloud52) There are 1052 items in this folder, but the index file only has 431 lines. We're trying to figure out how to get everything back into the index. Thanks for any help. I've sent this off to Silhouette America to see if they have anything that can help.
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