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Questions and Answers / Re: FCM to SVG converter
« Last post by AmyS on 29 May 2018, 14:27:04 »
Thank you!!
Questions and Answers / Re: FCM to SVG converter
« Last post by The Wizard on 29 May 2018, 10:27:35 »
Depending on the browser being used, you can right click on the link and select 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'. If that doesn't work, try right clicking on the image and try the 'Save as' options (one of them should work).

Questions and Answers / FCM to SVG converter
« Last post by AmyS on 29 May 2018, 04:51:03 »
Hello....I'm looking at purchasing one of the conversion packages on this site but have a quick question first.  I trialed the FCM to SVG converter tool and it successfully gave me a link to access my conversion, but how can I get that put onto my computer in a non-link format??  I want it on my computer so that I can use it in various ways rather than just seeing it online (via link)?  Thank you!!! Really hoping this tool is my answer to getting all of my designs out of Brother Scan n Cut and onto my computer.
Support / Re: installation and regestration
« Last post by The Wizard on 02 May 2018, 12:19:53 »
Just in case others are reading this.

If you get the error message ‘This app can’t run on your PC’ on Windows 10, then try to un-install and re-install the software again.

If you get a registration form that is blank, and the error message 'No product has been found to register. The application will close'. Then your anti-virus software will have removed the 'BookFolding.exe' program.

You will need to add the 'BookFolding.exe' program, to the list of 'Trusted Programs'.

Support / installation and regestration
« Last post by renee bean on 01 May 2018, 20:15:48 »
I have bought and installed this book folding program but even though it is compatable with my system its telling me it will not work on my computer. it will allow me to continue anyway where it gives me the licence registration box, but it is blank and wont allow me to regester. what am I doing wrong. I am using windows 10.
Questions and Answers / Re: Studio to svg converter
« Last post by The Wizard on 30 April 2018, 10:34:29 »
This came from a Google help forum.

I'd suggest following these steps to help resolve the issue:

- Clear cache and cookies.
- Try another browser or operating system. (Here is a list of supported configurations.)
- Try an incognito or private window.,
- Disable browser plugins or extensions.
- Reset your Chrome settings.
- Run Chrome Cleanup Tool, to remove software that may cause Chrome to experience issues.
- If possible, try replicating the issue on another computer to see if it's the computer hardware having issues.

Questions and Answers / Studio to svg converter
« Last post by Mrsrobbo47 on 30 April 2018, 08:42:14 »
Hoping someone can help me.
I’ve been using thi wonderful site for months, but recently have not been able to access it on my Mac.
I downloaded Google chrome and received this message
Access to was denied,
You don’t have authorisation to view this page

Why do I receive this message? I only use for personal use and have had no trouble prior.
Support / Re: selling patterns made with software
« Last post by dnolan on 29 March 2018, 01:42:27 »
Thanks for the prompt reply.  I will be purchasing soon.
Support / Re: selling patterns made with software
« Last post by The Wizard on 29 March 2018, 01:04:06 »
The text in the comment box: -

"The patterns cannot be sold, hired or distributed in any way.
The finished book(s) can sold."

Is what you as the creator of the patterns would add to your patterns. You can change the text in the Trial or Full versions to what ever you want it to say.

You can do what you want with patterns you create with any version of the software.

Support / selling patterns made with software
« Last post by dnolan on 29 March 2018, 00:36:43 »
I have just started the trial version.  It says that patterns made with this software cannot be sold.  Is that only with the trial version.  I am looking for software that I can use to make patterns to sell.  If not allowed to sell using the full paid version I will not purchase.
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