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Cutter Controller Beta 0.5.04 has been Released
« on: 04 August 2014, 01:17:18 »
This is available for download at

New Features

Drag and drop a supported vector file from a file viewer such as Explorer onto the Cutter Controller drawing canvas.
Copy and Paste from the MTC application onto the Cutter Controller drawing canvas.
In the Make and Model Settings, the serial port number is now saved. When a Make and Model is selected from the Main form, the saved serial port number will be set.
Information about the licence (version type, registered name, days to expire, hardware ID) has been added to the about box.
A nag screen for Beta and Pre releases that shows the days left till the licence expires.
An installer and un-installer added instead of extracting the zip file.
The open file dialog form has been changed to the XP menu styles when opened in Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
The clipboard supports the use of SVG when pasted, and will use SVG instead of EMF.
When the drawing has more than 30,000 nodes, a pop-up message box is displayed with the option to join and/or remove duplicate shapes.
Blade Offset for correcting rounded corners/edges (tangential emulation).
Saving the Overlap Cut value for each user named Make and Model, and allowing the Axis Calibration and Laser Offset values to be edited directly.
Support for the Brother Scan and Cut FCM file format.
Pre-join the consecutive shape paths first, before finally joining every shape path in the drawing. This reduces the time taken to join all the shapes.
A Simplify (this is new) and Smooth GUI form to change how much simplifying and smoothing is applied to the drawing (this is the ‘Curve Fit’ button renamed to Simplify/Smooth’ with the user being able to change the distance value). Removes excessive nodes caused by converting a bitmap image to vectors.
Added an option to sort the order of the cutting/plotting shape paths, using none, simply shortest or simply inners first. The order can be displayed (the ‘up’ tool path) before cutting or plotting the drawing.
Support for reading generic HPGL plot files.

Issues Fixed

The force setting when using Laser Offset calibration is half of the maximum for the selected machine. This is too much and can cause the blade to cut through the media and backing sheet. The user can now set both the force and speed.
Only enable the paste button and menu item Edit->Paste when there is a supported vector format in the clipboard.
When the user cannot change the serial port settings in the Make and Model Settings, the port combo box is selected. It is now disabled.
Missing vectors in some PDF files.
The clipboard EMF file (which can be used to report errors) wasn’t saved when there were unimplemented commands. Fixed
Multiple copies of the same unimplemented EMF commands appeared in the pop up message box. Fixed.
Some clipboard files (EMF) were producing unimplemented commands. Fixed.
Some GSD files had misshaped curves. Fixed.
Using Simplify and Smooth with some files (badly drawn or auto-traced) caused the drawing to be replaced with large circles. Fixed.
When a mat/roll entry was not highlighted/selected, and either the delete or edit button is clicked, an error occurred.
With no drawing loaded, the ‘Check Fit’ button is enabled and will cause an error if clicked. The ‘Check Fit’ button is now disabled.
When a Custom Cutter or Plotter does not use all the available speed and force options in Software Force & Speed, and ‘Use Speed and Force’ is checked in the ‘Speed and Force’ group panel on the main form, all the speed and force settings are displayed/enabled instead of the ones the machine should use.
Some embedded machines that use a USB serial port with a fixed non-standard baud rate, displayed the wrong values in the User Machine Settings form. This caused a problem in that the other settings could not be saved.
The pre-join count was not displayed if the drawing has more than 30,000 nodes.
Some Bezier curves were being drawn as straight lines.
Reading in some plot files (HPGL/DMPL) caused an exception error.
If any Bezier curve is detected, then the ‘Curve Fit’ button (now ‘Simplify/Smooth’) was disabled, even if there are lines/nodes that could be simplified and/or smoothed. It will be disabled only if the drawing has all Bezier curves.
When a drawing has a compound path of closed lines, Curve Fit (Smooth lines) caused the last path closed/ path open to be ignored.
Some SVG drawings had circles and arcs the wrong size and had more Bezier curves than they should have.
Some SVG drawings had incorrect shape attributes that caused an index out of range error.
Some drawings had incorrect shape attributes that caused an error when the drawing was displayed on the screen.
A number of drawings had Bezier curves that appeared as lines. When converted to dashes they consisted of multiple line segments. They are now converted to a line segment.
Very small dash lengths values caused the screen rendering of the dashes to be slow.
Reading a DMPL plot file with CR/LF line endings caused an exception error.
Changing a plot file drawing from wire frame to colour did not show the line, only a blue fill. The stroke colour is now set to blue, and the fill colour is set to none
Some drawings had missing strokes and wrong stroke styles.
The contour cutting button for a non-contour cutting machine was enabled after cutting/drawing, if the drawing has alignment marks.
When a drawing had many small line segments of about 0.2mm, lines were incorrectly removed as duplicates.

Improvements Made

The artificial grey fill has been removed from the FCM file format. The fill is now clear/transparent.
In the FCM file format, the line cut/draw styles now have different colours. Cut Lines are RED, Draw Lines are BLUE and Cut and Draw Lines are BLACK.
A check has been added to make sure that the FCM file format is valid.
When cutting/plotting, the drawing’s stroke colour is set to grey and the fill colour to none, so the red progress line can be seen more easily.
The dialog boxes no longer display on the task bar when active.
In the Speed and Force group, the label ‘T. Speed’ was renamed to ‘Up Speed’.
A new form ‘Make and Model Settings’ that replaces the Serial Port Settings form.
Clicking on the Curve Fit button (now the Simplify/Smooth button) caused the Cut By panel to reset. The Overlap, Multi-cut, Tool, Path Order and Show Up Path only need to be reset when a drawing is re-loaded, loaded/pasted.
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