Author Topic: Silhouette Studio Library File Extractor V1.1.00 has been Released  (Read 847 times)

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For more information, see

This is available for download at

New Features
Versions of Silhouette Studio 3.7.026 and later have had the folder location changed to Cloud52, and the library file structure changed. This has not yet been fully implemented, but any library entryies n the ‘Cloud’ folder will be displayed, but will NOT be extracted.

    Added a progress bar when reading in the Library Entries.
    A tree view folder and file type interface to support both Cloud and Non Cloud libraries, instead of the single/all library folder selector.
    Added some more support for Cloud libraries (reading some of the library entry details), but the entries will not be extracted.

Issues Fixed
    Large libraries take a long time to load. Fixed.
    Some Library Entry details that had been changed where not correct. Fixed.
    HTML encoded characters in the library entry details description such as '&Amp', weren’t decoded to ‘&’. Fixed.
    When both the scroll bars appear, the right scroll bar obscures the longest line of text. Added a line of '*' that are longer by 5 than the longest line. Fixed.
    Replacing illegal filename/path name characters showed the replaced chars and not the actual characters. Fixed.

Ian Wadsworth (MEng Software Engineering)