Author Topic: Cutter Controller V1.1.00 has been Released  (Read 1523 times)

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Cutter Controller V1.1.00 has been Released
« on: 22 August 2019, 13:11:23 »
Cutter Controller V1.1.00 can be purchased from

The Demo release of Cutter Controller V1.1.00 can be downloaded from


 New Features
  • A menu option to convert text to vectors for GSD/GST files has been added. The file has to be reloaded if the option is changed.
  • An option to select single shapes and change them has been added.
  • Support for FCM files created with the ScanNCut SDX Roll Feeder has been added.
  • For DXF files, support for Polyline and all the AutoCAD 256 Colours has been added.
  • For SVG files, implemented the defs element list, except for the Symbol element., and implemented the Use element.
Improvements Made
  • Transparent colours are now supported, instead of being converted to a solid colour. In CutBy Colour, any transparent colour has a % of opacity.
  • Changed the default drawing view to colour from wire-frame (Black and White) on a new install.
  • Pressing the reload button will warn if the drawing is to be re-loaded.
  • When a Trial licence has expired, an information form appears giving instructions on how to upgrade to a Full licence.
  • The Demo release has had the expiry date removed, and will now run forever.
Issues Fixed
  • Using the mouse scroll wheel caused the selected combo or number control to change the drawing on the canvas. When the mouse is moved onto the drawing canvas, the control is de-selected. Fixed.
  • The 'Overlap Cut' and 'Blade Offset' text boxes on the Cut By panel are disabled/greyed out, and can give the impression there are not used. Changed them to read only, this gives black text, but no white background. Fixed.
  • The target/registration marks are incorrectly detected for a drawing less than 2 times the corner bounds, resulting in non-registration marks lines being deleted. Fixed.
  • The alignment marks had a tolerance of 0.01mm. Changed the tolerance of the alignment marks to 0.05mm. Fixed.
  • When the bounding box is visible, and a colour in the Cut By panel is un-checked, the bounding box is still selected. The bounding box is now de-selected when a colour is un-checked. Fixed.
  • A corrupted user settings file causes application to crash. Fixed.
  • When a path has all Bezier curves that are very small, the max/min drawing size will be too large, and cause an exception. The drawing won't fit on the mat, and an error will be displayed, with the wrong drawing size. Fixed.
  • When a file is open via a double click (file association) or open with from Explorer, the Export as FCM option is greyed out. Fixed.
  • An old demo licence file wasn't being deleted on install. Fixed.
  • Reading FCM files: -
    • FCM files created in Brother's Desktop Canvas Workspace created a corrupt SVG file. Fixed.
  • Reading DXF files: -
    • The default setting had a pen colour that was causing an error when the pen colour for the layer wasn't used. Fixed.
    • Changed the default colour from White to Black, since white doesn't seem to show on white. Fixed.
  • Reading GSD files: -
    • The dash width was changed/improved. Fixed.
    • Some of the stroke colours were not being added to the Cut By colour combo. Fixed.
    • A white fill appeared when there wasn't one. Fixed.
    • The font styles Bold, Italic, Underline were been set, and could result in a size difference of the text. Fixed
  • Reading PDF files, fixed the ‘missing Object Table/XRef not found’ error.
  • Reading Studio files: -
    • The dash width was changed/improved. Fixed.
    • Unknown fill types are treated as error. They are now ignored. Fixed.
  • Reading SVG files: -
    • The SVG width/height attribute '%' wasn't detected, producing scaling errors in the drawing. Fixed.
    • Some of the child nodes were not parsed, which resulted in missing shapes. Fixed.
    • Duplicate paths were being added if the there were groups. Fixed.
    • The plus sign in the front of a number caused an error. Fixed.
    • A black fill appeared in Cut By Colour, when there wasn't one.. Fixed.
    • Some paths are classed as open, but are nearly closed within a tolerance, resulting in no-fill when there should have been one. Added a 'within' tolerance test for the paths start and end points. Fixed.
Ian Wadsworth (MEng Software Engineering)