Author Topic: Cutter Controller Beta 0.5.08 has been Released  (Read 1094 times)

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Cutter Controller Beta 0.5.08 has been Released
« on: 29 July 2015, 13:30:41 »
This is available for download at

New Features

Added a Check for Updates feature to the Help menu.

Improvements Made

-Removed the Inkscape plug-in, since copy/paste is easier to do.
-Changed the fixed install location, to a changeable install location, and moved the data files to the user’s Local Application Data folder. The Start Menu has links to the Local Application Data folder, and the folder where the application is installed.
-For the GSD file types, the polyline bulge has been implemented.
-For the GSD file types, some invalid arc shapes were made to be a circle. After looking at a number of files and with the Graphtec Robo Master software, it appears that this is an error. The arc shape is not added to the drawing, and the warning message has been changed.
-The ‘nag’ screen at start up has been changed so it only appears for Beta releases. The details about the version details in the About Box from the Help menu have been changed.

Issues Fixed

-Some shapes with Bezier curves were misshapen and had nodes missing.
-For the FCM file types, some shapes that were created with the Scan and Cut machine were not scaled correctly and had the wrong rotation. Fixed.
-For the FCM file types, rhinestones circles created in Brother's Canvas caused an 'Unknown Path Type'. Fixed.
-Bezier lines were not correctly detected. Fixed.
-If there were any error messages when reading a file, the vectors were ignored (not displayed).
-In SVG files, solid lines sometimes appeared as dashed lines. Fixed.
-Some SVG files that had stroke mitre limit as a decimal number caused the error ‘Not a valid SVG File’. Fixed.
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