Author Topic: FCM Thumbnail Viewer V1.0.10 for the Brother Scan and Cut has been Released  (Read 1720 times)

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For more information, see

This is available for download at

New Features

    Coloured thumbnails produced by the Cutter Controller application can now be viewed
    Added a menu item for User Guide in the Help menu
    Added a menu item for the Installation Folder in the Help menu
    Added a Check for Updates feature to the Help menu
    Added a 'Product Brand' icon to the .exe file and to the main form

Issues Fixed

    The thumbnail bitmap reader wasn't correctly reading the bitmap file. Fixed.
    Removed the Black/White Greyscale option, since there was an issue with the bitmap reader. Fixed.


    The thumbnail load times have been improved.
    The default install Program Group is now Ideas R Us Software\Brother FCM Thumbnail Viewer


    Changed most of the URL's from '' to ''.
Ian Wadsworth (MEng Software Engineering)