Author Topic: Silhouette Studio Library File Extractor V1.1.15 has been Released  (Read 427 times)

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For more information, see

This is available for download at

New Features
  • The Cloud library entries can now be extracted.
  • A menu item in the help menu to the location of the Silhouette Studio Library files.
  • The file extension of the library entry name has been added in the Library Entries.
  • The progress bar is updated when the Cloud Library Entries are being read in.
  • New category descriptions for 'Printable Pattern' and 'eBook' category types.
Issues Fixed
  • All the files in the folders of the destination folder were being searched to see if the folder was empty, and was taking too long. Fixed.
  • A JPEG file type was not detected. Fixed.
  • Some of the preview thumbnails in the Studio Library Entry are 300 x 300 pixels, whilst others are 100 x 100 pixels. The picture thumbnail preview box did no show the image at the correct size. Fixed.
  • Some Cloud Library Entry names in the tree-view list had a file extension. Removed the file extension from the Cloud Library Entry name. Fixed.
Improvements Made
  • Removed the comma at the end of the keywords list for Non-cloud Library Entries.
  • Added a spaced between the commas fro Cloud Library Entry keywords.
  • The time taken to un-check all the extracted library entries in the tree-view list.
Ian Wadsworth (MEng Software Engineering)